Worldwide 1.5 million people die yearly due to chronic hepatitis B or C


Ministry of Health (NZ)

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Other NZ Sites

Hepatitis Resource Centres: 

Information for educational purposes only no medical advice at this site

Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC). Information and support on immunisation in New Zealand.

Australian Sites

Hepatitis Australia. An information resource for people affected by viral hepatitis and those who work to support them.

Hepatitis Council of QLD. Information and support for people living with viral hepatitis in QLD Australia. ASHM is the peak Australasian organisation representing the medical and
health sector in HIV, viral hepatitis and related areas.

Overseas Sites

Hepatitis B Foundation (USA). Patient-oriented information about hepatitis B.
Note: The pattern of hepatitis B prevalence in the US differs from that found in New Zealand.

Bristol-Myers Squibb. Cover topics such as risks, prevention, myths vs. facts and informational interactive quizzes. Also offers videos on the prevalence of Hepatitis B in areas of the world and what hepatitis B does to your body. Hepatitis B Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. The site is available for consumers in various languages.

Hepatitis Foundation International. Patient-oriented information on hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis Information Network (Schering Canada Inc. site). Information resource for patients and for health professionals.

The World Hepatitis Alliance is a non-governmental organisation that represents approximately 280 from around the world. As a coalition of advocacy groups, the World Hepatitis Alliance is a global voice for the 500 million people worldwide living with chronic viral hepatitis B or C.

Where can I go for further information and support?

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