Worldwide 1 in 12 people have chronic hepatitis B or C = 500 million people

About Us

The Hepatitis Foundation of NZ is a charitable trust governed by a board of trustees in terms of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. It had its origins in the 1980s in the work of the Hepatitis Research Unit, founded by Mr Alexander Milne, MBE.

Over the years the Foundation has undertaken a number of major screening, vaccination and research programmes in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Vietnam.

The Foundation has been carrying out follow-up of hepatitis B (HBV) carriers in New Zealand since 1994. In June 1999 it was contracted to deliver part of the national hepatitis B screening programme, targeted to the high-risk population groups - Maori, Pacific Island and Asian adults in the North Island.

The Foundation is now contracted to the Ministry of Health as the national provider for long-term follow-up, with approximately 12,000 confirmed HBV carriers registered. Regular blood testing enables the early detection of complications such as liver inflammation and cancer. In recent years, increasing numbers of hepatitis C carriers have also registered with the Foundation for follow-up and information.

Mission of the Hepatitis Foundation

To promote positive health outcomes to the people of New Zealand through education and research into viral hepatitis, and early detection and long-term follow-up of chronic hepatitis B and C.


Management Team

Sue Legat (Finance)

Amanda Cooper (Admin)

Dr Christopher Moyes (Medical Director)
/ 6

John Hornell (Chief Executive Officer)


Ann Hornell (Eastern Bay of Plenty)

Helen Purcell (Central North Island)

Marty Graham (Lower North Island)

Janette Medforth (South, East & Central Auckland)

Kerry Kennedy (South Auckland)

Alannah Gibson (Waiakato/ King Country)

Diane Hanna (North Shore)

Office Staff

Karen Collings

Carlene Crompton

Rochelle Burke


Mrs Christine Chambers (Chairman of the Board)

Mr Robert Chappell

Professor Christopher Cunningham

Professor Edward Gane

Mrs Doreen McCorkindale

Dr Richard Power

Mr Brian Ritchie

Dr Frank Weilert

Mr Stephen Napier

Hepatitis C Project Team

Kelly Barclay (Hepatitis C Project Manager)

Helen Payne (Hepatitis C project coordinator)

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